About Riccobook

Riccobook is a platform for those who would like to experience Luxury in a different manner.

'Ricco', in italian denotes Wealth. Likewise, Riccobook encompasses a wealth of Luxury knowledge and variety of products from reliable sellers.

A place where you can earn knowledge on Luxury and use it to earn gifts and discounts on Luxury Products. Unlike other places it isn't your luck solely, it is your knowledge that gives you a chance to be the Winner.
From Flying on a private jet to being measured for a bespoke pair of shoes, joining an Exclusive Members' Platform is a landmark moment for People of Style, Aspiration and Taste.

Riccobook tends to cater to the above experiences and takes Socialising to a different level, which has not been tried before.

If the above details excite you we urge you, to come and "RICCO-NECT"

Why Choose Riccobook

  • Distinctive

    Socialize your plush shopping experience using the brialliant app on your finger tips.

  • Exclusitivity

    It's a by invitation app. Hence, making it a socializing space for few. (P.S. you can book a private jet from here ;) )

  • Privacy

    All Profiles are by default private and secured.

  • No Unwanted Ads

    No cursor tracking to sell you products you might have been browsing.

  • Updated

    With our Luxe Column, stay up to date with Luxury News from all over the world, on the go.

  • Rewards

    Free games for all age groups for you, use your knowledge WIN products and Discounts.

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